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  • Quinones, Martha L.; Norris, Douglas E.; Conn, Jan E.; Moreno, Marta; Burkot, Thomas R.; Bugoro, Hugo; Keven, John B.; Cooper, Robert; Yan, Guiyun; Rosas, Angel; Palomino, Miriam; Donnelly, Martin J.; Mawejje, Henry D.; Eapen, Alex; Montgomery, Jacqui; Coulibaly, Mamadou B.; Beier, John C.; Kumar, Ashwani (American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2015)
    Scale-up of the main vector control interventions, residual insecticides sprayed on walls or structures and/or impregnated in bed nets, together with prompt diagnosis and effective treatment, have led to a global reduction ...
  • Hupalo, Daniel-N.; Luo, Zunping; Melnikov, Alexandre; Sutton, Patrick-L.; Rogov, Peter; Escalante, Ananias; Vallejo, Andres-F.; Herrera, Socrates; Arevalo-Herrera, Myriam; Fan, Qi; Wang, Ying; Cui, Liwang; Lucas, Carmen-M.; Durand, Salomon; Sanchez, Juan-F.; Baldeviano, G. Christian; Lescano, Andres-G.; Laman, Moses; Barnadas, Celine; Barry, Alyssa; Mueller, Ivo; Kazura, James-W.; Eapen, Alex; Kanagaraj, Deena; Valecha, Neena; Ferreira, Marcelo-U.; Roobsoong, Wanlapa; Nguitragool, Wang; Sattabonkot, Jetsumon; Gamboa, Dionicia; Kosek, Margaret; Vinetz, Joseph-M.; Gonzalez-Ceron, Lilia; Birren, Bruce-W.; Neafsey, Daniel-E.; Carlton, Jane-M. (Springer, 2016)
    Plasmodium vivax is a major public health burden, responsible for the majority of malaria infections outside Africa. We explored the impact of demographic history and selective pressures on the P. vivax genome by sequencing ...

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