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  • Stein, D. J.; Lim, C. C. W.; Roest, A. M.; de Jonge, P.; Aguilar-Gaxiola, S.; Al-Hamzawi, A.; Alonso, J.; Benjet, C.; Bromet, E. J.; Bruffaerts, R.; de Girolamo, G.; Florescu, S.; Gureje, O.; Haro, J. M.; Harris, M. G.; He, Y. L.; Hinkov, H.; Horiguchi, I.; Hu, C. Y.; Karam, A.; Karam, E. G.; Lee, S.; Lepine, J. P.; Navarro-Mateu, F.; Pennell, B. E.; Piazza, M.; Posada-Villa, J.; ten Have, M.; Torres, Y.; Viana, M. C.; Wojtyniak, B.; Xavier, M.; Kessler, R. C.; Scott, K. M.; WHO World Mental Health Survey (BioMed Central, 2017)
    Background: There is evidence that social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a prevalent and disabling disorder. However, most of the available data on the epidemiology of this condition originate from high income countries in the ...

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