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  • Cabeza, Jeanne; Garcia Funegra, Patricia Jannet; Segura, Eddy; García, Pedro; Escudero, Francisco; La Rosa, Sayda; León Sandoval, Segundo Ramos; Klausner, Jeffrey D. (BMJ Publishing Group, 2015)
    Objectives: Chlamydia trachomatis, which is asymptomatic in most women, causes significant adverse effects for pregnant women and neonates. No programmes conduct antenatal screening in Latin America. We determined chlamydia ...
  • Saldarriaga, Enrique M.; Vodicka, Elisabeth; La Rosa, Sayda; Valderrama, Maria; Garcia Funegra, Patricia Jannet (Levy Library Press, 2017)
    BACKGROUND: Prevention and control of chronic diseases is a high priority for many low- and middle-income countries. This study evaluated the feasibility and acceptability of training pharmacy workers to provide point-of-care ...
  • Garcia Funegra, Patricia Jannet; Cárcamo Cavagnaro, César Paul Eugenio; Chiappe Gutierrez, Marina Angelica; Valderrama, Maria; La Rosa, Sayda; Holmes, King K.; Mabey, David C. W.; Peeling, Rosanna W. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
    Objectives: Untreated maternal syphilis leads to adverse pregnancy outcomes. The use of point of care tests (POCT) offers an opportunity to improve screening coverage for syphilis and other aspects of health systems. Our ...
  • Garcia Funegra, Patricia Jannet; Fazio, Boris; Bayer, Angela M.; Lizarraga, Aldo G.; Chiappe Gutierrez, Marina Angelica; La Rosa, Sayda; Lazo, Marcela; López, Lorena; Valderrama, María; Cárcamo Cavagnaro, César Paul Eugenio (SAGE Publications, 2017)
    Objectives: HIV and other sexually transmitted infections remain a challenge globally and many key groups have yet to be studied. Evidence shows that truck drivers may have high-risk behaviors and higher sexually transmitted ...

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