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  • Bilo, Grzegorz; Villafuerte, Francisco C.; Faini, Andrea; Anza-Ramirez, Cecilia; Revera, Miriam; Giuliano, Andrea; Caravita, Sergio; Gregorini, Francesca; Lombardi, Carolina; Salvioni, Elisabetta; Macarlupu, Jose Luis; Ossoli, Deborah; Landaveri, Leah; Lang, Morin; Agostoni, Piergiuseppe; Sosa, Jose Manuel; Mancia, Giuseppe; Parati, Gianfranco (American Heart Association, 2015)
    UNLABELLED: Blood pressure increases during acute exposure to high altitude in healthy humans. However, little is known on altitude effects in hypertensive subjects or on the treatment efficacy in this condition. Objectives ...
  • Villafuerte, Francisco C.; Macarlupu, Jose Luis; Anza-Ramirez, Cecilia; Corrales-Melgar, Daniela; Vizcardo-Galindo, Gustavo; Corante, Noemi; Leon-Velarde, Fabiola (American Physiological Society, 2014)
    Excessive erythrocytosis (EE) is the hallmark of chronic mountain sickness (CMS), a prevalent syndrome in high-altitude Andean populations. Although hypoxemia represents its underlying stimulus, why some individuals develop ...
  • Gazal, Steven; Espinoza, Jose R.; Austerlitz, Frederic; Marchant, Dominique; Macarlupu, Jose Luis; Rodriguez, Jorge; Ju-Preciado, Hugo; Rivera-Chira, Maria; Hermine, Olivier; Leon-Velarde, Fabiola; Villafuerte, Francisco C.; Richalet, Jean-Paul; Gouya, Laurent (Frontiers Media, 2019)
    Chronic mountain sickness (CMS) is a pathological condition resulting from chronic exposure to high-altitude hypoxia. While its prevalence is high in native Andeans (>10%), little is known about the genetic architecture ...

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