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  • Cornejo-Olivas, M.R.; Inca-Martinez, M.A.; Espinoza-Huertas, K.; Veliz-Otani, D.; Velit-Salazar, M.R.; Marca, V.; Ortega, O.; Cornejo-Herrera, I.F.; Lindo-Samanamud, S.; Mora-Alferez, P.; Mazzetti, P. (IOS Press, 2015)
    Background: Late onset cases of Huntington disease (HD), with onset ≥60 years, account for up to 20% of HD cases worldwide. Clinical features include mild motor dysfunction with slow progression and cognitive impairment, ...
  • Cornejo-Olivas, M.; Espinoza-Huertas, K.; Velit-Salazar, M.R.; Veliz-Otani, D.; Tirado-Hurtado, I.; Inca-Martinez, M.; Silva-Paredes, G.; Milla-Neyra, K.; Marca, V.; Ortega, O.; Mazzetti, P. (Springer, 2015)
    Neurogenetics, the science that studies the genetic basis of the development and function of the nervous system, is a discipline of recent development in Peru, an emerging Latin American country. Herein, we review the ...

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