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  • Llanos-Cuentas, A.; Lacerda, M.V.G.; Hien, T.T.; Vélez, I.D.; Namaik-Larp, C.; Chu, C.S.; Villegas, M.F.; Val, F.; Monteiro, W.M.; Brito, M.A.M.; Costa, M.R.F.; Chuquiyauri, R.; Casapía, M.; Nguyen, C.H.; Aruachan, S.; Papwijitsil, R.; Nosten, F.H.; Bancone, G.; Angus, B.; Duparc, S.; Craig, G.; Rousell, V.M.; Jones, S.W.; Hardaker, E.; Clover, D.D.; Kendall, L.; Mohamed, K.; Koh, G.C.K.W.; Wilches, V.M.; Breton, J.J.; Green, J.A. (Massachusetts Medical Society, 2019)
    BACKGROUND: Tafenoquine, a single-dose therapy for Plasmodium vivax malaria, has been associated with relapse prevention through the clearance of P. vivax parasitemia and hypnozoites, termed "radical cure." METHODS: We ...

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