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  • Haydour, Qusay; Alahdab, Fares; Farah, Magdoleen; Barrionuevo, Patricia; Vertigan, Anne E.; Newcombe, Peter A.; Pringsheim, Tamara; Chang, Anne B.; Rubin, Bruce K.; McGarvey, Lorcan; Weir, Kelly A.; Altman, Kenneth W.; Feinstein, Anthony; Murad, Mohammad Hassan; Irwin, Richard S. (Elsevier, 2014)
    BACKGROUND: Several pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapeutic options have been used to treat cough that is not associated with a pulmonary or extrapulmonary etiology. METHODS: We conducted a systematic review to ...
  • Deza-Becerra, Fatima; Rey de Castro, Jorge; Gonzales-Gonzales, Carol; Leon-Jimenez, Franco Ernesto; Osada-Liy, Jorge; Rosales-Mayor, Edmundo (Springer, 2017)
    OBJECTIVE: The objectives of the study are to describe sleep habits, fatigue, and sleepiness in Chiclayo's (Peru) bus drivers and explore their relation with traffic accidents. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This is a descriptive ...

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