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  • Vu, B.N.; Sánchez, O.; Bi, J.; Xiao, Q.; Hansel, N.N.; Checkley, W.; Gonzales Rengifo, Gustavo Francisco; Steenland, K.; Liu, Y. (MDPI, 2019)
    It is well recognized that exposure to fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ) affects health adversely, yet few studies from South America have documented such associations due to the sparsity of PM 2.5 measurements. Lima's ...
  • Trimarsanto, Hidayat; Amato, Roberto; Pearson, Richard D.; Sutanto, Edwin; Noviyanti, Rintis; Trianty, Leily; Marfurt, Jutta; Pava, Zuleima; Echeverry, Diego F.; Lopera-Mesa, Tatiana M.; Montenegro, Lidia M.; Tobon-Castano, Alberto; Grigg, Matthew J.; Barber, Bridget; William, Timothy; Anstey, Nicholas M.; Getachew, Sisay; Petros, Beyene; Aseffa, Abraham; Assefa, Ashenafi; Rahim, Awab G.; Chau, Nguyen H.; Hien, Tran T.; Alam, Mohammad S.; Khan, Wasif A.; Ley, Benedikt; Thriemer, Kamala; Wangchuck, Sonam; Hamedi, Yaghoob; Adam, Ishag; Liu, Yaobao; Gao, Qi; Sriprawat, Kanlaya; Ferreira, Marcelo U.; Laman, Moses; Barry, Alyssa; Mueller, Ivo; Lacerda, Marcus V. G.; Llanos Cuentas, Elmer Alejandro; Krudsood, Srivicha; Lon, Chanthap; Mohammed, Rezika; Yilma, Daniel; Pereira, Dhelio B; Espino, Fe E. J.; Chu, Cindy S.; Velez, Ivan D.; Namaik-Larp, Chayadol; Villegas, Maria F.; Green, Justin A.; Koh, Gavin; Rayner, Julian C.; Drury, Eleanor; Goncalves, Sonia; Simpson, Victoria; Miotto, Olivo; Miles, Alistair; White, Nicholas J.; Nosten, Francois; Kwiatkowski, Dominic P.; Price, Ric N.; Auburn, Sarah (Nature Research, 2022)
    Traditionally, patient travel history has been used to distinguish imported from autochthonous malaria cases, but the dormant liver stages of Plasmodium vivax confound this approach. Molecular tools offer an alternative ...
  • Horning, Matthew P.; Delahunt, Charles B.; Bachman, Christine M.; Luchavez, Jennifer; Luna, Christian; Hu, Liming; Jaiswal, Mayoore S.; Thompson, Clay M.; Kulhare, Sourabh; Janko, Samantha; Wilson, Benjamin K.; Ostbye, Travis; Mehanian, Martha; Gebrehiwot, Roman; Yun, Grace; Bell, David; Proux, Stephane; Carter, Jane Y.; Oyibo, Wellington; Gamboa Vilela, Dionicia Baziliza; Dhorda, Mehul; Vongpromek, Ranitha; Chiodini, Peter L.; Ogutu, Bernhards; Long, Earl G.; Tun, Kyaw; Burkot, Thomas R.; Lilley, Ken; Mehanian, Courosh (BioMed Central, 2021)
    BACKGROUND: Manual microscopy remains a widely-used tool for malaria diagnosis and clinical studies, but it has inconsistent quality in the field due to variability in training and field practices. Automated diagnostic ...

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