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  • Alave, J.; Bustamante, B.; Soto, L.; Cáceres, J.; Seas, C. (OLoeP, 2011)
    Billiary tract involvement in the course of disseminated histoplasmosis has been rarely reported. Here we present a severely immunosuppressed HIV-infected patient who presented with symptomatic acalculous cholecystitis ...
  • Quinto-Sánchez, Mirsha; Adhikari, K.; Acuña-Alonzo, V.; Cintas, C.; Silva De Cerqueira, C.C.; Ramallo, V.; Castillo, L.; Farrera, A.; Jaramillo, C.; Arias, W.; Fuentes, M.; Everardo, P.; De Avila, F.; Gomez-Valdés, J.; Hünemeier, T.; Gibbon, S.; Gallo, Carla; Poletti, Giovanni; Rosique, J.; Bortolini, M.C.; Canizales-Quinteros, S.; Rothhammer, F.; Bedoya, G.; Ruiz-Linares, A.; González-José, R. (Wiley, 2015)
    Fluctuating and directional asymmetry are aspects of morphological variation widely used to infer environmental and genetic factors affecting facial phenotypes. However, the genetic basis and environmental determinants of ...
  • Bonfante, Betty; Faux, Pierre; Navarro, Nicolas; Mendoza-Revilla, Javier; Dubied, Morgane; Montillot, Charlotte; Wentworth, Emma; Poloni, Lauriane; Varón-González, Ceferino; Jones, Philip; Xiong, Ziyi; Fuentes-Guajardo, Macarena; Palmal, Sagnik; Chacón-Duque, Juan Camilo; Hurtado, Malena; Villegas, Valeria; Granja, Vanessa; Jaramillo, Claudia; Arias, William; Barquera, Rodrigo; Everardo-Martínez, Paola; Sánchez-Quinto, Mirsha; Gómez-Valdés, Jorge; Villamil-Ramírez, Hugo; Silva de Cerqueira, Caio C.; Hünemeier, Tábita; Ramallo, Virginia; Liu, Fan; Weinberg, Seth M.; Shaffer, John R.; Stergiakouli, Evie; Howe, Laurence J.; Hysi, Pirro G.; Spector, Timothy D.; Gonzalez-José, Rolando; Schüler-Faccini, Lavinia; Bortolini, Maria-Cátira; Acuña-Alonzo, Victor; Canizales-Quinteros, Samuel; Gallo, Carla; Poletti, Giovanni; Bedoya, Gabriel; Rothhammer, Francisco; Thauvin-Robinet, Christel; Faivre, Laurence; Costedoat, Caroline; Balding, David; Cox, Timothy; Kayser, Manfred; Duplomb, Laurence; Yalcin, Binnaz; Cotney, Justin; Adhikari, Kaustubh; Ruiz-Linares, Andrés (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2021)
    To characterize the genetic basis of facial features in Latin Americans, we performed a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of more than 6000 individuals using 59 landmark-based measurements from two-dimensional profile ...
  • Mayor, P.; Mamani, J.; Montes, D.; Gonzalez-Crespo, C.; Sebastian, M. A.; Bowler, M. (The Royal Society, 2015)
    In social species, such as primates, facial appearances transmit a variety of social signals. Although it is suggested that the intense red colour of the face of the bald uakari monkey might be an indicator of health, ...

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