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  • Lacerda, M.V.G.; Llanos-Cuentas, A.; Krudsood, S.; Lon, C.; Saunders, D.L.; Mohammed, R.; Yilma, D.; Pereira, D.B.; Espino, F.E.J.; Mia, R.Z.; Chuquiyauri, R.; Val, F.; Casapía, M.; Monteiro, W.M.; Brito, M.A.M.; Costa, M.R.F.; Buathong, N.; Noedl, H.; Diro, E.; Getie, S.; Wubie, K.M.; Abdissa, A.; Zeynudin, A.; Abebe, C.; Tada, M.S.; Brand, F.; Beck, H.-P.; Angus, B.; Duparc, S.; Kleim, J.-P.; Kellam, L.M.; Rousell, V.M.; Jones, S.W.; Hardaker, E.; Mohamed, K.; Clover, D.D.; Fletcher, K.; Breton, J.J.; Ugwuegbulam, C.O.; Green, J.A.; Koh, G.C.K.W. (Massachusetts Medical Society, 2019)
    BACKGROUND: Treatment of Plasmodium vivax malaria requires the clearing of asexual parasites, but relapse can be prevented only if dormant hypnozoites are cleared from the liver (a treatment termed "radical cure"). Tafenoquine ...

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