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  • Morales, Maria Luisa; Lopez, Martha; Ly, Priscilla; Anjum, Seher; Fernandez-Baca, Martha Vanessa; Valdivia-Rodriguez, Angela Maria; Mamani-Licona, Frecia Maribel; Baca-Turpo, Benicia; Farfan-Gonzales, Nedhy; Chaman-Illanes, Yeshica; Cabada, Miguel Mauricio (American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2019)
    Strongyloides stercoralis affects 30-100 million people worldwide. The burden is underestimated because of the paucity of studies, limited geographical areas surveyed, and poor quality of diagnostic tests. This study aimed ...
  • Quistberg, D.A.; Koepsell, T.D.; Miranda, J.J.; Boyle, L.N.; Johnston, B.D.; Ebel, B.E. (Taylor & Francis, 2014)
    Objective: Pedestrians comprise 78% of the road fatalities in Peru. The objective of this study was to explore the relationship between the walking environment and pedestrian–motor vehicle collisions. Methods: A matched ...

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