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Gender associated with the intention to choose a medical specialty in medical students: A cross-sectional study in 11 countries in Latin America

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dc.contributor.author Ng-Sueng, L.F.
dc.contributor.author Vargas-Matos, I.
dc.contributor.author Mayta-Tristán, P.
dc.contributor.author Pereyra-Elías, R.
dc.contributor.author Montenegro-Idrogo, J.J.
dc.contributor.author Inga-Berrospi, F.
dc.contributor.author Ancalli, F.
dc.contributor.author Bonilla-Escobar, F.
dc.contributor.author Diaz-Velez, C.
dc.contributor.author Gutierrez-Quezada, E.
dc.contributor.author Gomez-Alhach, J.
dc.contributor.author Muñoz-Medina, C.E.
dc.contributor.author Sanchez-Pozo, A.
dc.contributor.author Vidal, M.
dc.contributor.author Pozo, A.M.S.
dc.contributor.author Cardozo López, Juan Pablo
dc.contributor.author Panozo, S.L.
dc.contributor.author Villar, R.
dc.contributor.author Morales, R.S.
dc.contributor.author Adauy, G.A.
dc.contributor.author Toloza, P.A.
dc.contributor.author De Aguilera Aedo, R.O.
dc.contributor.author González, J.P.S.
dc.contributor.author Brito, I.N.
dc.contributor.author Avendaño, J.S.
dc.contributor.author Romero, F.
dc.contributor.author Alhach, J.G.
dc.contributor.author Escobar, F.B.
dc.contributor.author Calixto, O.
dc.contributor.author Cardona, Á.M.
dc.contributor.author Arias, J.L.O.
dc.contributor.author Cifuentes, L.A.
dc.contributor.author Acosta, K.
dc.contributor.author Ospina, M.
dc.contributor.author Ruíz, G.D.L.
dc.contributor.author Cifuentes, A.F.Q.
dc.contributor.author Ortega, I.B.
dc.contributor.author Valverde, C.
dc.contributor.author Fernández, J.B.
dc.contributor.author Urrutia, L.E.C.
dc.contributor.author Moya, G.
dc.contributor.author Yescas, G.
dc.contributor.author León, M.V.
dc.contributor.author Gutiérrez, E.
dc.contributor.author Peralta, R.M.I.A.
dc.contributor.author Sulca, R.V.
dc.contributor.author Urbina, J.A.G.
dc.contributor.author León, Franco
dc.contributor.author Diaz, C.
dc.contributor.author Cabrera, J.
dc.contributor.author Berrospi, F.I.
dc.contributor.author Muñoz, K.M.
dc.contributor.author Loaiza, O.M.
dc.contributor.author Torres, M.M.
dc.contributor.author Figueroa, J.Á.
dc.contributor.author Dextre, M.T.
dc.contributor.author Purizaca-Rosillo, N.
dc.contributor.author Vidal, O.R.
dc.contributor.author Chambi, D.E.V.
dc.contributor.author Alfonso, M.
dc.contributor.author Castagnino, D.L.
dc.contributor.author Mogollón, C.
dc.contributor.author Maquera, J.
dc.contributor.author Johnson Franco, Mario
dc.contributor.author Gómez, G.F.
dc.contributor.author Castro, J.J.
dc.contributor.author Vela, E.J.J.
dc.contributor.author Sampé, M.O.
dc.contributor.author García, G.R.V.
dc.contributor.author Anaya, K.R.H.
dc.contributor.author Calizaya, F.A.
dc.contributor.author Lázaro, L.E.G.
dc.contributor.author Medina, C.E.M.
dc.contributor.author Rodríguez, Manuel Alejandro
dc.contributor.author Da Silva-Abreu, A.
dc.date.accessioned 2019-02-22T14:55:00Z
dc.date.available 2019-02-22T14:55:00Z
dc.date.issued 2016
dc.identifier.uri https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12866/5695
dc.description.abstract Introduction: The selection of a medical specialty has been associated with multiple factors, such as personal preferences, academic exposure, motivational factors and sociodemographic factors, such as gender. The number of women in the medical field has increased in recent years. In Latin America, we have not found any studies that explore this relationship. Objective To determine whether there is an association between gender and the intention to choose a medical specialty in medical students from 11 countries in Latin America. Methods Secondary analysis of the Collaborative Working Group for the Research of Human Resources for Health (Red-LIRHUS) data; a multi-country project of students in their first year and fifth year of study, from 63 medical schools in 11 Latin American countries. All students who referred intention to choose a certain medical specialty were considered as participants. Results Of the 11073 surveyed students, 9235 indicated the name of a specific specialty. The specialties chosen most often in the fifth year were General Surgery (13.0%), Pediatrics (11.0%), Internal Medicine (10.3%) and Obstetrics/Gynecology (9.0%). For women, the top choices were Pediatrics (15.8%), Obstetrics/Gynecology (11.0%), Cardiology (8.7%), General Surgery (8.6%), and Oncology (6.4%). In the adjusted analysis, the female gender was associated with the choice of Obstetrics/Gynecology (RP: 2.75; IC95%: 2.24-3.39); Pediatric Surgery (RP: 2.19; IC95%: 1.19-4.00), Dermatology (RP: 1.91; IC95%:1.24-2.93), Pediatrics (RP: 1.83; IC95%: 1.56-2.17), and Oncology (RP: 1.37; IC95%: 1.10-1.71). Conclusions There is an association between the female gender and the intention to choose Obstetrics/ Gynecology, Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Dermatology, and Oncology. We recommend conducting studies that consider other factors that can influence the choice of a medical specialty. en_US
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Public Library of Science
dc.relation.ispartofseries PLoS ONE
dc.rights info:eu-repo/semantics/restrictedAccess
dc.rights.uri https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/deed.es
dc.subject Female en_US
dc.subject Humans en_US
dc.subject Male en_US
dc.subject Young Adult en_US
dc.subject Latin America en_US
dc.subject Cross-Sectional Studies en_US
dc.subject Sex Factors en_US
dc.subject behavior en_US
dc.subject Students, Medical en_US
dc.subject human en_US
dc.subject cross-sectional study en_US
dc.subject female en_US
dc.subject male en_US
dc.subject young adult en_US
dc.subject medical school en_US
dc.subject decision making en_US
dc.subject major clinical study en_US
dc.subject medicine en_US
dc.subject cardiology en_US
dc.subject child en_US
dc.subject gender en_US
dc.subject sex difference en_US
dc.subject Career Choice en_US
dc.subject pediatrics en_US
dc.subject South and Central America en_US
dc.subject statistics and numerical data en_US
dc.subject psychology en_US
dc.subject secondary analysis en_US
dc.subject medical student en_US
dc.subject dermatology en_US
dc.subject Medicine en_US
dc.subject general surgery en_US
dc.subject gynecology en_US
dc.subject Intention en_US
dc.subject obstetrics en_US
dc.subject oncology en_US
dc.subject pediatric surgery en_US
dc.title Gender associated with the intention to choose a medical specialty in medical students: A cross-sectional study in 11 countries in Latin America en_US
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article
dc.identifier.doi https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0161000
dc.subject.ocde https://purl.org/pe-repo/ocde/ford#5.04.01
dc.subject.ocde https://purl.org/pe-repo/ocde/ford#5.04.02
dc.relation.issn 1932-6203

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