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  • Coll, Francesc; Phelan, Jody; Hill-Cawthorne, Grant A.; Nair, Mridul B.; Mallard, Kim; Ali, Shahjahan; Abdallah, Abdallah M.; Alghamdi, Saad; Alsomali, Mona; Ahmed, Abdallah O.; Portelli, Stephanie; Oppong, Yaa; Alves, Adriana; Bessa, Theolis Barbosa; Campino, Susana; Caws, Maxine; Chatterjee, Anirvan; Crampin, Amelia C.; Dheda, Keertan; Furnham, Nicholas; Glynn, Judith R.; Grandjean, Louis; Minh Ha, Dang; Hasan, Rumina; Hasan, Zahra; Hibberd, Martin L.; Joloba, Moses; Jones-López, Edward C.; Matsumoto, Tomoshige; Miranda, Anabela; Moore, David J.; Mocillo, Nora; Panaiotov, Stefan; Parkhill, Julian; Penha, Carlos; Perdigão, João; Portugal, Isabel; Rchiad, Zineb; Robledo, Jaime; Sheen, Patricia; Shesha, Nashwa Talaat; Sirgel, Frik A.; Sola, Christophe; Oliveira Sousa, Erivelton; Streicher, Elizabeth M.; Helden, Paul Van; Viveiros, Miguel; Warren, Robert M.; McNerney, Ruth; Pain, Arnab; Clark, Taane G. (Nature Research, 2018)
    To characterize the genetic determinants of resistance to antituberculosis drugs, we performed a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of 6,465 Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates from more than 30 countries. A ...
  • Phelan, Jody-E.; Coll, Francesc; Bergval, Indra; Anthony, Richard-M.; Warren, Rob; Sampson, Samantha-L.; Gey-van-Pittius, Nicolaas-C.; Glynn, Judith-R.; Crampin, Amelia-C.; Alves, Adriana; Bessa, Theolis-Barbosa; Campino, Susana; Dheda, Keertan; Grandjean, Louis; Hasan, Rumina; Hasan, Zahra; Miranda, Anabela; Moore, David; Panaiotov, Stefan; Perdigao, Joao; Portugal, Isabel; Sheen, Patricia; de-Oliveira-Sousa, Erivelton; Streicher, Elizabeth-M.; van-Helden, Paul-D.; Viveiros, Miguel; Hibberd, Martin-L.; Pain, Arnab; McNerney, Ruth; Clark, Taane-G. (BMC, 2016)
    BACKGROUND: Approximately 10% of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome is made up of two families of genes that are poorly characterized due to their high GC content and highly repetitive nature. The PE and PPE families ...

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