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  • Domecq, J.P.; Prutsky, G.; Leppin, A.; Sonbol, M.B.; Altayar, O.; Undavalli, C.; Wang, Z.; Elraiyah, T.; Brito, J.P.; Mauck, K.F.; Lababidi, M.H.; Prokop, L.J.; Asi, N.; Wei, J.; Fidahussein, S.; Montori, V.M.; Murad, M.H. (Oxford University Press, 2015)
    Context: Various drugs affect body weight as a side effect. Objective: We conducted this systematic review and meta-analysis to summarize the evidence about commonly prescribed drugs and their association with weight change. ...
  • An, G.; Murry, D.J.; Gajurel, K.; Bach, T.; Deye, G.; Stebounova, L.V.; Codd, E.E.; Horton, J.; Gonzalez, A.E.; Garcia, H.H.; Ince, D.; Hodgson-Zingman, D.; Nomicos, E.Y.H.; Conrad, T.; Kennedy, J.; Jones, W.; Gilman, R.H.; Winokur, P. (American Society for Microbiology, 2019)
    Cysticercosis is a parasitic disease that frequently involves the human central nervous system (CNS), and current treatment options are limited. Oxfendazole, a veterinary medicine belonging to the benzimidazole family of ...
  • Vizcarra-Escobar, D.; Mendiola-Yamasato, A.; Anculle-Arauco, V.; Vizcarra-Pasapera, J.; Guillen-Mendoza, D. (Karger, 2015)
    Treatment issues of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Latin America (LA) have recently been addressed. Some particular features of the health systems, patients and medical providers are scarcely described. Moreover, LA patients ...
  • Cruchet, S.; Furnes, R.; Maruy, A.; Hebel, E.; Palacios, J.; Medina, F.; Ramirez, N.; Orsi, M.; Rondon, L.; Sdepanian, V.; Xóchihua, L.; Ybarra, M.; Zablah, R.A. (Springer, 2015)
    Objective: The stability and composition of intestinal flora plays a vital role in human wellbeing throughout life from as early as birth. Over the past 50 years, several studies have been conducted to evaluate the effect ...

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